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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Argan Oil Review

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Argan Oil has to be the most versatile oil. I have used it on my hair, since I bleach it. It helps "heal" my hair and make it softer and more manageable. I have used it on my son for his dry skin. He gets really dry on his arms and legs, and regular lotion just doesn't help, so I rubbed some of this oil on him and it really helps to soften his skin and take care of the dry skin. Another fantastic use?  Nails!!! I have worn acrylic nails for years. I recently, in the past few months, decided to go back to natural nails. When I removed the acrylics, my nails were disgusting! They were cracked, peeling, splitting, sore and just downright gross. I wash my hands a million times a day, so that didn't help either. I started using the argan oil as a cuticle oil, but then I started rubbing it on my nail beds, too. What a difference! It really is a miracle oil! There is not horrid scent, or residue, so it is easy on the allergies. This is important to me because I have miserable allergies and get migraines. I am definitely glad that I got the opportunity to add this to my essential oil collection! I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own. 

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