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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My healthy lifestyle journey

So, I've been feeling like crap for a few weeks. I thought maybe my sugar was out of whack, so I had some blood work done this week. Thankfully, it came back normal, but that left me wondering what was going on. Now, I have Fibromyalgia, so I understand that I'm going to have days that I feel miserable and sore, so maybe this was a major flare up, who knows.  What I do know, though, is that our eating habits suck. This is going to be a factor in my feeling miserable, and it's going to contribute to flare ups, so a decision was made. I am embarking on a healthier eating journey, which is going to include drinking a LOT more water, and I am going to quit smoking. I had my doctor call in some nicotine patches to help with that, because frankly, I haven't the willpower, what with the stress of having a special needs child. I have just a few cigarettes left in my pack, that will be finished tonight, so tomorrow morning I will start the patches. I am going to severely cut down my pop intake. I usually only drink pop throughout the day, with a cup of coffee or and iced coffee thrown in there. Well, today I did good! I have had one can of pop for the whole day! Now, I'm bound to fall off the wagon with that because I love pop! I mean, come on, who doesn' Instead of pop for breakfast, I will be enjoying a nice cup of coffee from my Keurig, with only creamer, no sugar. I haven't put sugar in my coffee for well over a year now. I use flavored creamer and that is plenty sweet :) I'm eliminating almost all fried foods, because that messes with my irritable bowel, so it just makes sense. I'm going to try to update daily,  it anyone with a special needs child knows that you never know what each day is going to bring, so I will do my best! 

Here's to getting healthy!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Purina ONE

I received Purina ONE in exchange for an honest review. My cats are spoiled, to the max. We only feed them the best, and that's how we always will be. We had never tried Purina ONE before, so we weren't sure if they would even like it. We put a bowl down, and had 3 out of the 4 cats fighting over it. The fourth one would have, but she was Money devoured that bowl like nobody's business and started meowing for more! We like it because there are no fillers, and the main ingredient is actual meat. This was a definite hit, and we will be using it from now on! Go to their website and check them out! #ONEswitch @purinaONEcats @influenster

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble BathReview

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath is a three in one product. It is a bubble bath, shampoo and body wash all in one. This eliminates multiple bottles piling up, and keeps your shower free of clutter. It comes in a nice size, 7.5 oz bottle for the whole family to share. It only takes a little amount, so it will last a while. The first time I tried this I was frustrated, frenzied, and more than a little worked up. I had a miserable day, and was ready for it to be done. I went in to take a long, hot shower, and decided to try this stuff out. The first thing I noticed was the amber color, and the thickness that was like honey. It has a smooth, calming scent that has a hint of chamomile and lemon. The scent is pleasing, and neutral enough for the whole family to enjoy using. It contains calendula, chamomile, and oat for soothing. Oat actually helps to relieve eczema, while the calendula moisturizers and soothes dry skin. Find it here.

Bake it Fun Baking Mat Review

The Bake it Fun Baking mat is great! It is simple to use, and even easier to clean. When you first get it, you do need to wash it with hot soapy water and rinse well. Then you just put a light coating of oil on it and use it.  After use, just wipe it with a hot soapy rag and dry. There is no need to oil it for every use. The baking mat is heat resistant up to 450 degrees, and cold tolerable to -40 degrees. It can be taken from the freezer and put straight into the oven or microwave. With this mat, your estimated usage is 2,000 times. This will save you 63 cans of cooking spray, and 3,879 sheets of parchment paper! I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Order one here.  

+Lifeguard Mini Charger Review

+Lifeguard Mini Charger is a neat little gadget to have around. It is sleek, with a compact design. It's very easy to charge and use. It's great for who you are away for the day or weekend, and are a forgetful person and forget to charge your iPad. We had a bowling tournament this weekend, and who do you think forgot to charge her iPad? Yep, me. Used this little handy dandy charger and viola! Had power to the iPad once more! It charged the iPad to 100% and still had juice left in it. It comes with the cord to charge it and another to charge your device. Spiffy little gadget! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  You can find it here. 

Slim Extreme 3D Serum Review

So, I got this Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Serum to try out. When I got it, of course the first thing I did was smell I wanted to know how horrible I was gonna smell. It actually is a really pleasant smell, with pomegranate and what smells like berries.  Not too strong, but enough that you know it's there. The instructions said to put it on my belly and bottom to let it work on my cellulite. It said it would heat up, like a warming lotion. Well, I put it on, and nothing. So I waited a minute or two and all of the sudden...Houston, we have heat!!! It wasn't a burning like my skin was on fire and going to melt off any minute, but rather a nice deep warmth. Enough to let you know it's working. It is designed to burn off cellulite, leaving you with smoother skin and less cottage cheese Even the kitten loves it!  I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Order it here.

EpicBelle Crochet Hooks Review

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I received EpicBelle crochet hooks in exchange for an honest review. I seriously have a yarn problem. I have fourteen projects going all at When my hands started going numb while I was crocheting, I got worried that I would have to quit. Crocheting is therapeutic for me. It's not something I'm going to give up without a fight. I was using the traditional aluminum hooks that have no coating. I would only get a few rows in before having to take a break. Since I received the hooks from EpicBelle, I've been able to crochet without breaking. They are beautifully designed, with a nice rubber-type grip. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold! Go get yours, here. 

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+Lifeguard Car Charger Review

+Lifeguard Car Charger is a great product to have. It has two USB ports to allow you to charge multiple devices at a time. Does anyone lose their chargers, somewhere in your car? Well, I have two teenagers, so mine is always missing. It seems like every time I gets new one, my boys use it and ¡!POOF¡! It's gone! This +Lifeguard charger is pretty fantastic. It has the two ports, so no more arguing over who gets to charge his phone. This saves my time and sanity! It's small enough that I can store it just about anywhere. It is just the plug in part, not the cord. You will need to provide your own cord. But, it is great quality and works perfectly! Order it here. 

Hydracentials Lunch Tote Review

The Hydracentials Lunch Tote is a pretty spiffy bag. This lunch tote is quite cute, yet sophisticated. It's nice enough that any professional could use it, but simple enough that a child could be comfortable using it. It's very high quality, with sturdy stitching. It holds quite a bit, holding 10 cans (12 oz) of soda comfortably. This would be great for a lunch bag, or even a snack bag to take to the park. It can be found here. 

Mechanical Tire Gauge Review

The Mechanical Tire Gauge is a high quality tire gauge. It will gauge from 0-100 PSI. It has a durable rubber guard to protect it and has a rotating head to get to hard to reach valve stems. It is small enough to fit in the glove compartment for easy storage. It has the ability to decrease tire pressure in the event you put too much air in. By keeping your tires at the right pressure, you can improve your fuel economy. It has accurate readings.  I tested it against another gauge that I own and the readings were spot on. Order one here. 

NuElle Triple Action Anti Cellulite Concentrate Review

I received NuElle Triple Action Anti Cellulite Concentrate in exchange for an honest review. This is a cellulite fighting cream. It comes in a handy pump-style bottle. It can be applied to the effected areas up to twice a day. It might cause you to sweat where it was applied, but no worries, this is normal. It has more than twenty botanical ingredients in it. It is a very light cream, and won't leave a heavy feeling on your skin, and it absorbs quickly. It will continue to work as long as you use it and you should see results in about 2-3 weeks. The main ingredient is water, rather than oil or some other unpronounceable name. This will help to hydrate your skin. The second ingredient is Aloe to soothe your skin. Find it here. 

Dehydrator Sheets Review

I received these Dehydrator sheets from Lucky Star 14 LLC in exchange for an honest review. These sheets come in a pack of 9 sheets. They are coated in Teflon, and are non stick. They can be used in the Excalibur dehydrator, or alone as a non stick liner for a baking pan. You can use them for cookies, or any other baking item. They can be cut to any size and are reusable many times. Find them here. 

FurBuddy Grooming Kit Review

The Furbuddy kit has got to be the best thing since sliced bread! It has a raking brush to untangle matts, and a regular brush for everyday brushing. But the best thing it came with was a de-shedding tool. I have four cats and it is spring. This means that my cats shed enough to cover ten other I used the de-shedding tool today on my cats, and Holy Cow!!! I got enough fur to make several tiny cat wigs!! I love how it gets deep down and grabs the loose hair. It's very easy to clean, too. My kitties loved being combed and laid and purred the entire time. It was a win-win situation. I got rid  of loose fur and they got to be relaxed and content :)  Find it on Amazon, here. 

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Skinny Blend Weightloss Shake and GIVEAWAY!!!

Skinny Blend Weight Loss Protein Shake for Women is a delicious shake. It is appetite curbing and has only 100 calories per serving, with a low sugar content. This shake will suppress your appetite, while boosting your metabolism. It will also boost your energy! Who doesn't need more energy? When I first got it to try, I was skeptical. I'm not going to sugar coat it, I thought it would be horrible and taste like some flavorless cardboard. I was definitely pleasantly surprised! It actually tasted like chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk! I noticed an increase in energy and wasn't hungry for snacks. It's very easy to mix, just 1/4 c of powder to and 8 oz glass of milk. It mixes nicely, with no clumps. Another option would be to decrease the amount of milk, add some ice, and put it in the blender. You can find it here!

With this review comes a giveaway!! Woohoo!! For this giveaway, all you need to do is comment your favorite flavor: banana, chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. The winner will receive a 7 day supply of this awesome shake to try out! 

Enter now, the giveaway ends Sunday, April 26 at 8pm EST

Konjac Sponge Review

The Konjac Sponge is made of all natural ingredients, which I like because I don't like using things that have so many weird ingredients in them that I can't pronounce them. It is biodegradable, which is good for the environment.  It has a handy string attached to hang it when you are done. Now, after you use it, it will shrink when it dries. No worries, it will go back to normal once it gets wet again. Just massage it around your face, either with or without cleanser. I used it and loved the softness of my face! It made my skin so smooth! Order here!

Adamia Therapeutic Lotion Review

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is perfect for those that are like me, whose hands are in pitiful condition. I wash and sanitize several times a day and my hands are always dry, cracked, and bleeding. This lotion has made a huge difference in just a few days. The cracks are healing up, and there isn't so much dryness. This lotion has macadamia oil in it, for added moisturizing. It comes in a huge bottle, 16 oz, with a handy pump. It is light and non greasy, which is great, because I don't like the feel of lotion. It is unsecured, and non-allergenic, so anyone can use it.  You can order here.

Phytoceramides Review

Phytoceramides from Aveya Beauty are designed to repair and restore skin. They are derived from sweet potatoes and rice. They are formulated to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and are all natural with no fillers. The bottle gives you a 90 day supply when you order, so you won't have to remember to order each month. Overall, this is a great product that delivers what it offers. You can order here. 

Super Bright Rim Lights Review

I got these Super Bright Rim Lights in exchange for an honest review. These LED lights are pretty awesome. My boys love them! When you order you get to choose what color you want or you can choose multi colored. They send the batteries with them, so you don't have to go buy them. They are designed to withstand the roughness that boys and kids put upon their bikes. They are waterproof, which is good because you know that kids love to go through mud puddles! They fit most all bikes and as an added bonus they provide better visibility to see my oldest when he is riding his bike at dusk or when it is dark. You can find them here. 

Glow Stick Bracelet Review

So what kid doesn't love glow sticks? I know that I am an adult and I love them! I will admit, when I first got these, I activated one and wore it the whole These glow stick bracelets by Blue Skies are really neat! The bracelet I wore lasted all day without running out of light. This is rare for a glow stick. Most of them are cheaply made and don't last more than an hour or two. These particular glow stick bracelets will potentially emit light for up to 36 hours! And, if you store them in a freezer, they will work better and last longer. You can find them here. 

Cast Iron Cookbook Review

The Cast Iron Cookbook by Julia Grady is really awesome. I have a cast iron addiction. Seriously, I need a 12 step program I cook almost exclusively in cast iron, and have many many pieces. I'm always on the hunt for recipes to cook in them, and this cookbook delivered just that! It is packed with recipes that I cannot wait to try out!  You can find it here.

Kuuk Silicone Mitt Review

Kuuk Premium Professional Silicone Oven Mitts are the bomb! Unlike other silicone oven mitts/gloves, these actually have a soft material on the inside, with the silicone on the outside. They are heat resistant up to 450 degrees, and have a cute design on them to enhance the non-slip feature. They are easy to clean, too! Just run them under hot water and viola! They are clean. The company is so sure that you will love them and that they will last a long time, that they come with a 10 year guarantee! You can find them here. 

Black Derby Hat Review

The black derby hat by SSAA Accessories is a great hat for whatever reason! It makes a great addition to any costume or outfit. It is a good quality product, with nice style. When mine arrived, my son, who is autistic and into dress up/role play, stole it from me and won't give it He loves it. It is a one size fits all, and it fit me, and my son just perfect. You can find it here.

Coosh Car Charger Review

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The Coosh Car Charger is pretty awesome. Not only does it have the lightning cable charger built in, but it also has a micro USB adapter! It sports two additional USB ports for charging multiple devices, because, if you are like me, everything dies at the same time! You can find it here. 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Joint 3X Review

Joint 3X from 100 Naturals is a supplement to help provide healthy joints, healthy connective tissue, and string joint cartilage. I received this item to test out in exchange for an honest review. After receiving this item, I had my husband try it out, because he is an avid bowler with some knee issues. I had him start taking this and he has noticed a definite improvement. He has been able to decrease his pain medication a bit, due to the lessening pain. The Joint 3X is designed to strengthen the joint cartilage as well as the connective tissue. My husband bowls 6-12 games per week, and is very happy to have come across this product. You can find it on Amazon, here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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Careful is the story about a young man, Tyler, who had been holding onto a secret for twenty years. When he was sixteen, Tyler went on a foreign exchange trip to Ecuador.  While there, many events happened that would shape his life. His mother finally gets him to reveal the events of that year. What secret does Tyler reveal? Well, read the book to find out :)

This is s great story, with a well written plot that will keep you wanting more!

Get your copy here.

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Milk Thistle Supplement by Vita Pure

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Milk Thistle Supplement by Vita Pure is a great product. It helps with liver detox, has anti-oxidants and anti inflammatory properties, and is more powerful than vitamins E and C alone. It is shown to reverse liver damage. It is the highest concentration that you can safely take, with 450 mg per capsule! You could also see increased weight loss and increased energy when taking this product. I received this product in exchange for an honest review. You can find it here.

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