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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

U Deserve Tech Waterproof iPhone Case Review

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This waterproof phone case by U Deserve Tech is quite possibly the best thing ever! We like to go to amusement parks. I mean, who doesn't, right? At those parks, there are, inevitably, rides that get you With this case, your phone will stay nice and dry. The specially designed pouch will prevent water from seeping in, keeping your phone nice and dry. It has a lanyard that attaches to the pouch so you can carry it around your neck while on those rides, or at the beach. It is see through, so you can see text messages and other notifications. For the fun of it, I decided to try an experiment. I put my phone in the pouch, closed it, then tried to use my phone for text messages and what not. IT WORKS! This means, you can still text while it is in the pouch, or check your Facebook, etc. Now, I don't know that you would be able to take a call while it is encased, but pretty much everything else is a go. My son goes to the public pool almost daily in the summer, and you better believe that this pouch is going to be housing his phone while he is there! I received this product free of charge in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. Find it here.

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