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Thursday, June 18, 2015

If I could turn back time......

If I could turn back time….. There are so many things I would do if I could turn back time! If only I had that option, I would jump on it! I would definitely rethink my choice of college! The one I ended up going to was so expensive, and misinforming. I would also choose to go to college before I had kids, because I feel that it took too much time away from my boys. I tried to do my schoolwork while they were in bed or at school, but inevitably I still had to do some while they were up or home. I definitely would have graduated from high school rather than dropping out and getting my GED. I would have taken more initiative in my life, that’s for sure!

 I would have been more careful about getting into debt if I could turn back time. We were young and stupid, and wanted things. We also had other circumstances that affected out debt, too, and I definitely would go back and change that! I always think about what life would be like if hadn’t had that debt. Would we have a bigger, better house? Would we have more things? Newer cars? Maybe. But, would we be happy, or would we still be the people we are today? Probably not. I feel that the debt we incurred, and the struggles we have went through, are what made us who we are today. We respect our belongings, and don’t throw them around like trash. We don’t break our phones constantly and then go buy new ones. Our boys both have cell phones and they both take exceptional care of them. Never have we had a cracked screen, nor is the body scratched up. They know that they have to take care of their things because Mom and Dad won’t replace it.

 Who wouldn’t want to turn the clock back so that they could snuggle with their babies again? I sure would!! My boys are teenagers now, and what I wouldn’t give to back to “the good ole days.” I miss those days of sweet smelling babies and sloppy kisses. My oldest is going to be getting his driving permit this fall. What I wouldn’t do to go back and rock him to sleep again (I’m pretty sure this is a no-go with him now..haha!!). My youngest is thirteen and going to start his last year of middle school. Where did my little 3lb 13 oz bundle of baby go??? Now he is almost 6 feet tall! Holy Cow!!!

I definitely would love to turn that clock back! I would love to turn the clock back and spend more time with my grandparents before they passed. I miss them dearly! They were so old and wise, and I didn’t spend nearly enough time with them. I need more garage sale time with my Grandpa Wise, and I need more sitting on the porch chit chatting with my Grandma Jenkins. I just need more time with them. Period.

 There are so many things I could do if I could go back in time, but the question is, would I do them? I would probably do some of them, but not all of them. Like I said earlier, a lot of our journey made us who we are today, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

What would you do differently or change?

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  1. LOVE this post!! You made me think of a lot more things that I would like to do if I could turn back time. I'd definitely focus more on school. I'd love to go back and dedicate more time to friends and family. I am not a parent, but I don't know a mommy in the world that wouldn't want to go back and snuggle with their babies. Thank you so much for sharing! I love learning more about you. Awesome post!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us! I completely sympathize with wanting to spend more time with your grandparents and be able to hold and cuddle your babies again.

  3. I know the feeling about keeping this decent and not wanting to buy new things. I learn that as well. I been though a little of that snuggle with things. I look at people getting new phones every other year or so. I do appropriate that you have a cell phone before getting a new one.

  4. Oh!!!!! I love the idea of turning the clock back to be able to snuggle my babies again. Mine are 10 and 12 now and will still come in for a snuggle now and then. Thank you for sharing.

  5. My kids are only 3 and 9 and I already wish I could turn back time to be able to snuggle with them both while they were babies again. I can't imagine how I will feel when they are both in their teenage years. Eek! I don't even want to think about that. Hehe. I agree that our choices make us who we are today. Thank you for sharing! :)

  6. I like the spin you put on this of going back to spend time with your kids again as babies. Very sweet :)

  7. Debt was a big one for me too. I spent far too much money on things I didn't need. Nothing huge, but nickel and diming can really add up fast. And of course I agree about snuggling with our babies. Mine is still only 5 so I still get to snuggle but I miss those little baby days sometimes. For now I try to get as many snuggles as I can before she thinks she's too old.

  8. I know that I better soak up all the love I am getting from my daughters now - because it will be gone faster than I can imagine. I agree about debt as well. I was lucky enough to come in to some money and clear most of it out. What a weight off my shoulders!