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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Odor Eliminator Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

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Ok, so when Amare Terra sent me this Shoe Odor Eliminator to try out, I was skeptical. Extremely skeptical. I mean, come on, how many companies out there say that they eliminate odors and blah blah blah? Then I got it. I sprayed it into my teenage sons shoes, which smell like a thousand dirty gym socks had taken up residence. I sprayed them good, The scent is a lemon mint scent, but to be honest, I smell more of just lemon. That's not a bad thing! It smells fantastic. So anyways, I sprayed his shoes and went about my business of cleaning and doing my household chores and cooking, etc. I let them sit for several hours and then I came back. Wowsers!! The smell was gone and the shoes smelled like lemons had taken up residence! I was impressed! So, I set about spraying all of the shoes in the I then took it upon myself to spray the curtains in my other sons room. Now keep in mind, I know you are supposed to open windows and air the rooms out. I do this with every room in my house....except my sons room. He is autistic and has his ways. There is no opening of the windows in his So of course, I can't air it out and it smells like a teenage boy in there! So I sprayed the curtains with this stuff, and I couldn't believe the difference! This stuff really works! The ingredients are 100% natural, so no harsh or harmful chemicals. It eliminates odors and keeps them from coming back! This is definitely going to be a staple in my house! I love the smell so much it makes me want to spray it all over the house like an air I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. You can find it on Amazon, right here.

Ok, now for the fun part!! GIVEAWAY TIME!! This giveaway is going to run until Wednesday, June 3rd at 8PM EST. To enter the giveaway just answer the following question: What do you normally use for odors and does it work?

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  1. Febreeze and wax melts. Febreeze works wonders where as the wax melts only hides the odors for a little bit.